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Below you will see a comprehensive list of the the many dishes we offer. Be sure to check our facebook page for our weekly selections. To find out where we will be next click here for our full schedule


    Pork Taco with mango corn relish
    Hummus Trio
    Truffle Bacon Fries
    Home Made Beef Dumplings
    Pork Potstickers
    Tomato Bruschetta
    Hot or Not Edamame Garlic butter with or without spice
    Buffalo Style Onion Rings
    Chicken Taco with roasted corn salsa & avocado ranch
    Country Style Loaded Tots - Tots with Canadian smoked bacon & truffle cheddar cheese
    Gourmet Nachos - Adobo shredded chicken or braised pork with truffle cheddar, roasted corn salsa served with your choice of lime sour cream or avocado ranch
    Garlic Buffalo Ranch Tots with avacado ranch
    Jalapeno Poppers with your choice of thai chili, avacado ranch or thai honey dipping sauce
    Toasted Ravioli with tomato basil & parmesan
    Garlic Parm Fries
    Tuna Tataki Asian lettuce wrap
    Borocado Shrimp & crab meat, topped with redbean puree, avacodo mousse,thai chilisauce with croustinis.
    Candied Braised Brussel Sprouts - Brussel sprouts & bacon, candied with onion, brown sugar & merlot.


    Traditional Grilled Cheese - White bread, american cheese
    Spicy Italian Grilled Cheese - French bread, spicy capicola cheese
    Braised Pork Grilled Cheese - Caramelized onion, queso cheese, texas toast
    Cubana Grilled Cheese - Spicy capicola, pork, house made relish, cheese, flat bread
    Eggplant Grilled Cheese - Feta, cream cheese, flatbread
    Smoked Ham Grilled Cheese - Jack cheese, french bread
    California Grilled Cheese - Turkey, avocado, cream cheese on flatbread
    Truffle Burrata Grilled Cheese - Burrata cheese with black truffles, served on garlic butter french bread

    Main Course

    Eggplant Burger - Grilled eggplant topped with avocado mousse, spinach, tomato & smokey mayo
    California Ranch Turkey Burger - Turkey burger topped with mixed greens, avocado mousse, cream cheese, cucumber and tomato
    BBB Burger - Burger patty with bacon, fried banana pepper, bourbon cherry bbq & cheese
    Tristate Mushroom Burger - Burger patty topped with shiitake, portabella & button mushrooms, provolone & smokey mayo
    Meatball Bolognaise Tortellini - Tortellini & meatballs topped with bolognaise sauce & parmesan
    Philippino Bourbon Chicken - Adobo Slow braised chicken in a vinegar-bourbon soy sauce, served with rice & green beans
    Eggplant Parmesan Flatbread - Tomato eggplant tapenade with mozzarella & parmesan
    Low Boy Poutine - Andouille sausage gravy, shrimp, corn, mixed peppers, onion & crab, served over french fries
    Asian Loaded Dog - 1/4lb Gourmet dog topped with kimchi slaw, wasabi peas & wontons
    Chicken Adobo - Slow braised chicken in soy sauce & vinegar, served with rice & green beans
    Cincinnati Porkopolis Dog - 1/4lb Dog, braised pork & bacon, topped with truffle cheddar & house made relish
    Patty Melt - Burger patty with grilled onions, cheese & smokey mayo served on garlic butter bread
    Thai Honey Ribs (4)
    Apple Tree Pork Sandwich - Pork, fried apple shoestrings, wine stone mustard on raisin apple cinnamon bread
    Idaho Trout Burger - Trout burger patty with avocado mayo, mixed greens & bruchetta
    California Wrap - Turkey, avocado, mixed greens, tomato, cream cheese and cucumber
    Country Fried Chicken (4pc) with mustard potato salad
    Traditional 50's Burger Topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle
    Vistro Turkey Wrap - Turkey, mixed greens, tomato, avocado mousse & cucumber
    Cincinnati Flying Dog - 1/4lb Gourmet dog, braised pork & truffle cheddar cheese
    Loaded Westside Dog - 1/4lb Gourmet dog topped with coleslaw, crushed Grippos™ & crumbled bacon
    Gourmet Quesadilla - Adobo shredded chicken or braised pork with truffel cheese & cheddar jack. Topped with roasted corn salsa & lime sour cream
    The Chef's Cubana - House made spicy capicola, braised pork, cheese & spicy pickles. Topped with house made relish & stone mustard mayo

    Gourmet Dinner

    Tortellini Carbonara - *Spicy House made smoked panchetta with chicken, peas, carrots, celery & tortellini
    Alaskan Salmon - Salmon served with almond ginger brittle, lemon-lime burre blanc, asparagus & peruvian mash potatoes
    10 oz. NY Strip Steak Oscar - New York strip served with crab, asparagus, bearnaise & french fry hash


    Farm Fresh Ham & Bean
    Tomato Basil
    Crab Corn Chowder
    Jack Daniels™ Chili *spicy
    Country Ham & Potato
    Chicken Brolo de Polo
    Smoked Sausage Bisque
    Potato Soup
    Vegetable Soup


    Apple Strussel Pear Cobbler
    Deep Fried Buckeyes (2) - Deep fried, home made buckeyes with white chocolate & peanut butter
    Fried Cookie Moster - Two fried chocolate chip cookies topped with chocolate chip ice cream, whipped cream & dutch chocolate
    Vistro Beignet Donuts w/ creme brulee
    Unforgettable French Toast - Texas toast dipped in vanilla cocoa bean butter, rolled in crushed Frosted Flakes™, topped with bananas, creme breulee pastry cream, whipped cream, dutch chocolate & caramel


Vitor's started out as a coffee shop, but the name was changed from the Coffee Cap Cafe™ in the Summer of 2006. Our previous restaurant, Mokka™, was located in Newport, Kentucky, and our chef has worked at the world-renowned 5-star Nana Grill™ in Dallas, as well as Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse™ in Cincinnati. In 2005, we were voted best of the city for French toast in the December issue of Cincinnati Magazine, and rated best for breakfast in the City Beat Coffee Cap. You can also find an article featuring us in the Cincinnati Weekly's dining out guide for November of 2005. Coffee Cap was also voted best in brunch by AOL City. In May 2009, we won the "Best of Taste" for our Unforgettable French Toast and the "Award of Excellence" for our Walnut/Coconut Encrusted Shrimp with a Peach/Mango Spiced Reduction in the Taste of Cincinnati food competition. In March 2012 with the success of Chef Vitor's culinary vision, he found a need to broaden the variety of food being served. Therefore the Bonsai Sushi Bar at Vitor's™ was born offering world class sushi made from scratch, in house by a specialty culinary team. By late 2015 things were going so good that Chef Vitor decided that he wanted to take his food to the streets! The restaurant was move to a new location to focus efforts on the new food truck purchased and to make his vision possible. Which is where you will find Chef Vitor today, in the kitchen and on the streets, sharing his culinary mastery with people who would possibly not have experienced it otherwise. So keep an eye out for The Urban Vistro™ food truck in your area.


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